YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

Role: Developer

Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript/jQuery


  • Project Overview: Collaborated closely with the design and development team to bring a custom Figma design to life, creating a responsive and user-friendly website for the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth.
  • Design Integration: Ensured seamless integration of the custom design, maintaining visual consistency and adhering to brand guidelines throughout the website.
  • User Experience: Focused on optimizing the user experience by implementing intuitive navigation, interactive elements, and accessibility features.
  • Performance Optimization: Enhanced website performance through code optimization, efficient use of resources, and adherence to best practices for web development.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Worked collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including designers, project managers, and stakeholders, to ensure project goals were met and exceeded expectations.
  • Outcome: Successfully launched the website, receiving positive feedback from users and stakeholders for its functionality, design, and ease of use.