Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (Columbia University)

Role: Consultant

Technologies Used: Drupal CMS


  • Project Overview: Led a multidisciplinary committee of faculty and staff to reorganize and redeploy the university department’s website using the existing Drupal CMS template.
  • Objective: Aimed to update and consolidate existing information, creating a more coherent site architecture to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Content Consolidation: Conducted a thorough audit of the existing website content, identifying redundant and outdated information. Collaboratively worked to streamline and update content, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
  • Site Architecture Improvement: Redesigned the site architecture to improve navigation and usability, focusing on creating intuitive pathways for users to access important information quickly and easily.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Facilitated regular meetings with committee members to gather input, provide updates, and ensure alignment with project goals and timelines.
  • Outcome: Successfully launched the redesigned website, achieving positive feedback for its improved usability, streamlined content, and enhanced visual design. The project resulted in increased user satisfaction and engagement.